Nicco Mele

I learned a lot from Nicco Mele’s presentation to our MC 4002 class. Personally, I loved his views on embracing your individual reality. The best example that he gave was about John Kerry’s presidential campaign. John Kerry, a Boston native, could have used the fact that the Red Sox’s won the World Series for the first time in 100 years in his campaign but, he chose not to even mention it. This could be an opportunity to embrace his roots and really rally for his city but, he decided to post a blog article about healthcare reform. I see this as a missed opportunity for John Kerry and his campaign. 

I believe that making your client a real person is very important during any campaign. Personally, I would be more likely to follow a person on Twitter than a brand. In reality, it is usually never the actual person tweeting and posting but, it makes the person seem more reachable and real. 

Also, Mele talked about how intimate media has become. It is usually the first thing you do in the morning and how you find out major life changes about family and friends. Social media has become a way of life and something that people must embrace. In this movement toward intimate media, I found that is important for PR practitioners to adapt to this change and use this as an opportunity to make clients and brands more relatable. 


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