Uintah Elementary

On January 28, 40 parents in the Uintah School District were in shock when their children returned home from school to tell them that their lunches were thrown away. After investigation, parents found out that a child-nutrition manager was called into the school to investigate the number of students who were in debt to the cafeteria. Once the children were served, the students that were in debt had their lunches seized and thrown into the trash.

If I were a parent at this school, I would have been outraged at the treatment of these students. Not only is this incident wasteful, but embarrassing to students and parents. I believe that the best solution to this problem would be reforming the cafeteria system. With new technology, the schools could set up an email or text messaging service to notify parents when their children are on the verge of a negative cafeteria balance. This would be effective because these elementary students would not be responsible for notifying their parents. 

Situations like these make me wonder how often this occurs. My sister, a Baton Rouge high school senior, notified me that students are her high school are not allowed to be served lunch if they are not wearing their student ID around their neck. In recent trends, it seems that schools are putting more focus on things like money or rules than nutrition. Hopefully, this case will be a wake up call to schools around the nation to seek reform in their cafeteria systems. 


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